What To Do If You Are In A Rideshare Accident

No one wants to be in an accident. Being a rideshare accident can even be worse than normal accidents because you are unsure what insurance will cover and what it won’t cover. Before you worry about the future, there are some basics that should be taken care of if you are in a rideshare accident.

Here are some simple tips to follow if you are in a rideshare accident:

  • Make sure everyone is OK – The insurance and costs will be worked out later, the first priority should be the health and safety of the people in the accident. This may be calling 9-1-1 to ensure professionals can help with a traumatic injury or deal with injuries that the victim may not even feel yet (often victims don’t feel pain of injuries until the next day).
  • Gather information from everyone involved – This means getting insurance information from both drivers if you are a rider or the other driver and your passengers if you are a driver. You should get the insurance records and ID’s of drivers and full contact information for riders. You can have information like license plate numbers by taking a screenshot of the app.
  • Speak for yourself – Some victims in accidents will have their rideshare drivers or passengers want to speak to the police about what happened. When it comes to protecting your rights, it is important to speak for yourself. Don’t admit to fault if you are the driver.
  • Did any witnesses stop?  Sometimes people will stop when there is an accident. If this is the case, talk to these people and if you find their testimony could help your case, be sure to get their contact information.
  • Avoid early settlements just to be done with the issue – Often you will get offers to settle for pennies on the dollar before the investigation of the accident is even completed. If you find this is happening, do not be afraid to tell the insurance company you are awaiting the investigation to come to a completion first. Often the driver’s insurance company or the rideshare company will make a low offer at the beginning to move the case to a completed status.
  • Talk to us – Accidents and negotiations with insurance companies are high stakes. Having an advocate who knows what a fair offer is and how to ask for what you deserve will help you do much better than taking whatever offer the insurance companies make. We are here to help and calling us is critical when you are dealing with a rideshare accident.

We are experienced litigators and understand how to maximize your payout. We would love to help you during this stressful time. Call us for rideshare accident counsel before you make any agreements to settle with an insurance company.