Uber and Lyft Drivers Have to Follow the Same Laws

Ensure Your Uber or Lyft Driver Isn’t Texting and Driving

Driving for a rideshare service like Uber and Lyft does not mean the driver is allowed to do activities that are not legal like texting and driving. A driver is still responsible to follow the laws of the state they drive in, and in Colorado, texting and driving is not allowed.

Here are the laws, as you will find on the Colorado general assembly site.

This becomes more important when you are dealing with a situation where an Uber or Lyft driver is fiddling with their app to try and get the rider where the rider is trying to go, or when they are getting other ride requests from the app or messages which distract their attention from driving.

It is always good to encourage your driver, or if you are the driver, ensure you are following the laws because they are there for your safety. However, if an accident occurs while using a rideshare service and you know the driver was inattentive because of an interaction with a cell phone, you want a qualified attorney to help deal with insurance companies to ensure you get the financial compensation you deserve due to negligence.

No one wants to be in a lawsuit, and no one wants to be in an accident, if it can be avoided. Sometimes, in order to protect your rights, someone must fight for your rights.

If you notice your Uber or Lyft driver looking at the phone rather than safely driving you to your destination, say something, and if you must, consider switching Uber or Lyft rides and let the App know the reason. If you have already been in an accident and you believe inattentive driving had a role, call Ridewolf today to have your case evaluated by a professional.