Deaths Can Happen in an Uber Ride

Please Remember to Avoid Drinking and Driving

Just like driving yourself, there is a possibility for severe or even a life ending accident, such as the case that was concluded in the courts last month against Adrian Valdez-Refugio. Unfortunately, in this case here in Denver the Uber passenger died due to this hit and run.

In cases like this, there are unfortunate outcomes for everyone. Due to poor decisions to drive, a young man has been sentenced to be in prison for 12 years. More importantly, the victim lost their life in this situation.

There is very little that could have been done in this case by either the Uber driver or the passenger. In such cases, we are not looking for where to place blame, but we would simply be looking for ways to help the victim’s family or the Uber driver’s interest (including counseling services) to help them deal with such a tragic event.

We would like to remind people of the importance of services like Lyft and Uber to help prevent this very situation. Had the driver who fled the scene simply used the rideshare service, there would not be a victim who passed and he would not be subject to a 12 year sentence.

Please avoid drinking and driving and if you have been drinking, please call a cab, an Uber or Lyft. If you get injured we can help you, but the service is important to help keep those who have been drinking off the streets.